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Chennai Ear, Nose, Throat Research Centre (CERC) is a private ENT, Audiology & Speech Therapy facility located at 18 (New no 81), 2nd Main road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai- 600102. This ENT super specialty centre is equipped with diagnostic, academic and research facilities, to provide comprehensive care for patients with ENT related diseases and communication disorders. This centre was started on April, 14th 2009 by a group of professionals spearheaded by Prof Lt Col A Ravikumar, involved in promoting medical care in Ear Nose & Throat disorders including rehabilitative care. Prof Dr Lt Col A Ravikumar and his team of professionals are managing the centre as a group practice facility.


2nd Annual Conference of Laryngology and Voice Association



  • What are Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)?

    This disorder appears as a cluster of symptoms and hence known as spectrum disorder. Symptoms vary from child to child. This disorder makes it difficult for the child to communicate. » More
  • At what age can we identify ASDs?

    Children show signs of the disorders by 2-3 years of age. Some children may show signs at infancy (birth-1 year). » More
  • How to use nasal spray?

    1. Clear the nose by blowing gently.
    2. Shake the bottle before use.
    3. Keep head upright. » More
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